• Product Recommendation

    We will follow the market pace, analyze the collection of seasonal market information,
    including: popular styles, color, sales info, cost etc through network, market,
    the European and American exhibitions, to recommandate products and services
    to guests after designing, planning, and industry experience

  • processing according to buyer's samples

    We will provide with the best solution according to the
    actual sample and client’s specific needs

  • Powerful inspection center provides you with services

    10years、100 personnel、trained by Qtec of Japan、
    professional inspecting team provide you with comprehensive services.
    You can have your own special inspection standard or by JIS standard,
    or choose our inspection standard as your standard to insure your qualtiy

  • Logistics and After sale services

    We will provide with DD、DY services.
    We will collect customer’s feedback, make efficient adjustment to meet customer's needs,
    and enter later production, process control, quality control.logistics control,
    including trade and financial services to follow up after sale services,
    according to the best seller products are summarized and analyzed,
    to form the next step.